How it works

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The Safe Night Net fully encloses your IKEA Kura bed.

Slip it onto your Kura bed, put your mattress and bedding inside, zip it up, and it's good to go.  

How strong is it?

The Safe Night Net is made from breathable American mesh that is used for industrial applications. It looks and feels good, but can survive all kinds of mistreatment without developing tears or holes.

You can see just how strong it is in this video comparing the strength of normal mosquito netting with the strength of our mesh. We stab it with a pen and rough it up with a brick, and it comes out completely unscathed! 



How does it close?

The Safe Night Net is secured with a YKK zipper (the best in the world). The pulls are reversible, so you can set it up to open from the inside or outside. 

Safe Night Net zipper

If you have any questions about the Safe Night Net, please check out our comprehensive FAQs.